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In the past 15 years GEP Watermanagement has developed into a leading supplier of rainwater harvesting systems, so specialists in rainwater harvesting. We are unique in challenging the standard (rainwater) drainage technique and have grown to a team of creative technicians. The designs and products offer total solutions for environmentally responsible water management. Currently we are situated in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands in order to better serve the European markets.

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GEP offers products for:



collect, filter, harvest and use,

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Waste water

Reliable drainage of waste water,

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Drinking water

safe disconnection between the water network,

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water recycling, use your water twice,

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“For each property a correctly dimensioned system for rainwater harvesting.” Fred Prins - Export ManagerMore case studies

Products for rainwater harvesting:

GEP Regenwater biedt diverse producten en systemen aan, die het mogelijk maken om op een duurzame manier met regenwater om te gaan. Deze systemen bestaan onder andere uit regenwatersystemen en grijswatersystemen. Tevens bieden we ook andere producten aan, zoals regenwaterpompen, regenwaterfilters, tanks en regenwaterputten, breaktanks, infiltratiesystemen en pompputten.


Rainwater pumps

Selfpriming pumps and submersible pumps for rainwater harvesting,

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Filter for rainwater harvesting,

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Rainwatertanks and cisterns

PE Tanks and concrete cisterns for the storage of rainwater

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Breaktanks EN1717 for safe mains water,

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Infiltration and drainage of rainwater,

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Pomp pits and shafts

with prefab installed waste water pump(s),

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Team of professionals

GEP is a key player in the rainwater harvesting industry in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. GEP offers a wide assortiment for the capturing, transport, and usage of rainwater in a sustainable manner. GEP is constantly looking for methodes to combine the characteristics of rainwater with sustainable themes such as water and energy savings. Our motto is:
Utilize the possibilities of rainwater!

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