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Green climate adaptive cities are a challenge for a sustainable society. During the past centuries the humanity has largely changed authentic landcapes into urban environments. The result is that very large parts of our landscape consists out of paved surfaces. Nowadays every large rain shower emphasizes the problems for sociecty by creating floods and impassable roads. Retaining water by realising more green in cities is the solution for this problem. GEP has developed systems to buffer, infiltrate and utilize rainwater. Below is an overview of the possibilities;

  • Disconnection of rainwater
  • Infiltration of rainwater
  • Buffering of rainwater
  • Delayed, dosed drainage of rainwater



Infiltration boxes

Plastic and concrete infiltration boxes to disconnect rainwater and infiltrate into the soil,

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Drainage plates

Drainage plates to disconnect or redirect rainwater,

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Infiltration filters

Filters for the treatment or infiltration of rainwater,

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Retention tanks

Retention tanks to delay and reduce the drainage dosage of rainwater,

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